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Calera Industrial Supply

If a part malfunctions in the manufacturing industry, production comes to a grinding halt. That’s why it’s absolutely crucial that you have exactly what you need it — when you need it. 

Calera Industrial provides uncompromising service, high-quality products and expert guidance on whatever your industry throws at you.

Calera, your main source for manufacturing products

From industry-standard machinery down to the nuts and bolts, we offer the best solutions for your unique industry needs. We call on our decades of experience in the manufacturing industry to provide guidance and expert insight on what works best for your project.

A service-first organization

We pride ourselves on our unbeatable service. From day one, we’ve understood the importance of providing outstanding service for our customers — it’s why they keep coming back. We even offer one-day turnarounds for most product requests.

Whatever you need, we can deliver. That’s our guarantee.

Get in touch with us for your manufacturing needs

Contact us for all your manufacturing needs. We’ll work with you on any questions you have and provide the necessary products and tools for every project. Give us a shout at (205) 668-0622 today.