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Calera Industrial Supply

In today’s economy, it pays to do things right the first time. As a supplier for the construction and contracting industry, we’ve seen firsthand the importance of using the right equipment for the job. 

Calera provides high-caliber products and advice for the contracting industry

We’re the trusted source for real, dependable products that work. We leverage our decades of contracting experience to provide high-quality solutions for whatever you need: whether that’s a  simple washer or industrial-grade cement mixer.

Unbeatable service, always

At Calera Industrial, we understand that, in a moment of crisis, our customers needs solutions — fast. We offer uncompromised service with turnaround times of one day for most issues. 

Our customers know that Calera Industrial is a leader in service. Providing unbeatable service was our goal on the first day and it still drives us today.

Contact us for your contracting needs

We’re confident we can provide you the necessary products for whatever your contracting project throws at you. For questions or guidance, give us a call at (205) 668-0622 today!